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Retirement Planning

Finanical Consulting

Life Insurance

Our team of professionals will help prepare you for your retirement years, maintain your lifestyle, and new avenues of income.
Managing your investment portfolio is simply just one piece of your entire financial pie. A successful financial plan takes into account your personal goals, your business goals, your family, and how you want to leave behind your legacy.
Life insurance can protect the ones you love and be the foundation of your financial plan. Legacy Consulting offers both term and whole life insurance. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you have a plan set in place.

Annuity Planning

Tax Preperation

Estate Planning

Annuities are designed to help you grow your retirement income. They’re a long-term contract from an insurance company where you invest your money. In return, you get income in the form of regular payments.
After all necessary documentation is provided, the tax preparer will accurately prepare your Federal and State tax returns in a timely manner.
Let us help develop a plan to efficiently transfer wealth to your heirs and favorite charities, protect your family and business, grow your assets, and minimize taxes.

What to Expect

During our first consultation, we seek to establish a clear understanding of you and your expectations. We will ask you to provide all types of information and we will spend a lot of time asking each other questions. If we establish that we are a good fit and that there is a need for our services, we will offer recommendations and agree on how to proceed. Once we begin, we will usually meet a few more times defining the goals and strategies, then we will map out a timeline to implement the plan. Once in place, we will meet at least annually to revisit and help ensure you are still on track.

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