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Legacy is an independent services firm that caters to seniors in Baltimore County and it's surrounding areas. We offer assistance in financial strategies when it comes to your taxes, retirement, estates and income as well as help in life transition and technology services. Legacy Associates works with reputable tax and estate planning professionals to meet the needs of our clients.
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Transitioning into retirement can be challenging and we are here to help. Legacy Consulting LLC and its affiliates have been serving the community since 1998 with retirement income, wealth transfer and tax strategies. 

Legacy Consulting LLC is a hometown boutique financial services firm. We strive to bring simple and efficient solutions to our clients because most financial mistakes are made when the right questions are not asked. Our job is to make sure you ask the right questions.

We help the clients we serve understand their options and make sound decisions. As a client of Legacy Consulting LLC, you have a team of advocates on your side and you don’t go it alone. 

With ever-changing rules and regulations, it is important to work closely with professionals who understand them inside and out and that can help make sure you have a comprehensive plan in place.

Our experience in this industry has prepared us to anticipate the needs that may arise and to help you plan for the unexpected. With over 20 years of being a leader in the industry we are awarded the resources and knowledge which makes us well suited to help you analyze your situation and provide solutions.

Among the first steps to developing a plan that will last through retirement and may pass on as a Legacy, is to have the right tools.  Let us help you take stock of where you are and help you fill in any missing pieces.
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